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Who are the TrackNation TrackHeads?

They are hardcore, loyal, energetic, eager, don’t stop until the job is done, ambassadors of Track and Field.

What do they do?

They help spread the TrackNation movement and get people to notice TN through word of mouth, social media networking (Facebook, Twitter, Etc.), sticker distribution, event promotion, etc. They go above and beyond and spread the word about TrackNation everywhere from local track meets, school, even the person next to you on the bus, airplane, or subway. If you think an individual hasn’t heard or is unaware of TrackNation, we rely on you to get the word out.

What are the benefits of being a TrackHead?

TrackHead’s are the first to know what's going on with TrackNation related meets, events, and activities. They also get exclusive special discounts on TrackNation gear. Once approved to be a TrackHead, you will be able to join the forums and interact with fellow TrackHead and receive your own personalized business cards. Work hard on the weekly tasks and stay active and you can get hooked up with limited edition stuff. In addition, top active TrackHeads will be featured on the website blog as "TrackHead of the Month" for their hard work ethic.

How do I become a TrackHead?

Go back to www.shoptracknation.com and click TrackNation TrackHead*. For a minimal fee of $24.99 ($70 value), We will send you a TrackNation shirt, a TrackNation hat, a TrackNation wristband, give you access to a private page exclusive only to TrackHeads, TrackNation Promo Cards, and 100 personalized business cards

*TrackHeads will be reviewed before confirmed. All inquiries please e-mail trackheads@tracknation.com with a description regarding why you should be selected as a brand ambassador to TrackNation.

What does a typical TrackHead possess?

Highly-motivated and energetic, with an enthusiastic attitude, and strong interpersonal skills

Excellent Communication and presentation skills

Extensive knowledge on Track and Field - 100m, Hurdles, Discus, 2 mile, Relays, etc.

Understanding of the territory's local running community (events, clubs, coaches, and schools, etc.)

When do I know I am an official TrackNation TrackHead?

You will be notified with an e-mail if you are approved to help represent the TrackNation movement. Thank you for your time and consideration.